Saturday, August 2, 2008

Short List of Things to Do When You're More Than One Week Overdue With Second Child

1. Consume copious amounts of organic cocoa puffs
2. Yell at well-meaning husband
3. Assure toddler that "Mommy and Daddy were just being silly"
4. Ignore all phone calls, except for the one from afore-mentioned toddler's school, informing you of her apparent intestinal virus
5. Change copious amounts of stinky diapers
6. Wash hands with the frequency of a surgeon with OCD
7. Curse God, sex, and whoever happens to be standing within 50 feet
8. Lie awake at night pondering everything that could, and probably will, be wrong with fetus
9. Weep openly in grocery store when attack of sciatica leaves you breathless and temporarily paralyzed
10. Repeat to self: "Elephants are pregnant for two years. Elephants are pregnant for two years..."


Emmy said...

Thanks for the frank and funny update. I've been resisting the urge to be one of those twenty phone calls...with the knowledge that I won't see the Roux clan for the next 9 days. How will you and Cade let the world know, that yes, Evan is here, and yes, he is perfect.

You're in my thoughts each day.

Emmy said...

PS: I'm glad "stompin' the shit outta some birds" isn't on your to do list(-;