Friday, July 11, 2008

Analyze This

I've had some phenomenaly wierd dreams this pregnancy, but none quite as disturbing as the one I had last night. In the dream, I was in front of a small audience and had for some reason been given the task of preparing a large cut of pork. The meat was odd-looking, sort of iridescent and purple, glistening under the harsh overhead lights. As I began to saw away, attempting to manuever two blunt knives around the hulking form, the audience grew agitated and started to scream.

"Pull it!!" they chanted. "Pull it, pull it, pull it!!!!"

They wanted me to pull the pork, not slice it. Try as I might, I could not figure out how to do this with two knives and luckily I woke up before things got really ugly.

I cannot begin to imagine from what subsconscious depths this material comes. Too much Top Chef? I don't think so--the worst you'll see on that show is some bleeped-out cursing, muttered after someone's cauliflower mousse doesn't end up with enough bacon essence, or something. Maybe it's a labor anxiety dream--like instead of everyone chanting "Push!"?

I don't know. Any dream analysts out there?


Emmy said...

Well, I'm no psychologist, but I remember your comment on one of my blogposts about wanting to keep the baby inside...forever. More out of fear, of the outside world, of pain and loss. I remember you saying that you feel that deply with your pregnancy...maybe that's why you'd have the opposite pull the baby in (where it's seemingly safe and predictable), instead of out...into the vulnerable world of the studio audience? Your dream also reminded me of the post on the blog "A little bit pregnant" where she had a dream-mare of making love to Mario Vitali? Did you read that one? It certainly stuck with me.

Enjoy the rich dream life. All those images that flash into our lives have to go somewhere. Maybe sometimes, they just mean nothing?

Leigh C. said...

The waiters at what was my aunt and uncle's favorite Indian food restaurant in NYC once told my very pregnant aunt not to have the tamarind sauce, that it would give her rip-roaring nightmares.

Had any tamarind sauce lately? ;-)