Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Girl!

This morning I dropped Sydney off at Kid Cam in St. Charles parish, where she'll spend the next 4 weeks. In walked my baby girl in her over-sized camp t-shirt, clutching her bright pink lunchbox, into a cafeteria full of loud, writhing, pre-pubescent strangers. My original plan was to stay for the hour-long orientation session--I had arranged my work schedule around this plan--but I soon noticed that all the other parents were scooting off after quick hugs/kisses/admonishments. Not wanting to be that Mom, I sat Sydney down next to a sweet-looking girl who seemed close to her age, gave my baby a hug and slunk off to one corner, where I hoped to avoid the appraising eyes of the camp staff (okay, okay, so I am that Mom, so what?). After watching Sydney sit quietly and watchfully subdued for a few moments as the camp staff discussed rules and said a few prayers (and feeling a bit hedonistic as I looked around and realized that my child was the only child not successfully performing the sign of the cross), I blew her a kiss and slipped out the door.

I made it to the parking lot before completely losing my shit. I'd call that a success.

And Sydney had an AMAZING day: when I talked to her later she told me all about the 2 friends she made, the nice "teachers," the FIELD TRIP they took where they RODE THE BUS to go ROLLER SKATING and where she fell down a lot and it hurt but still, it was FUN. She told me that she made sure to eat her sandwich and fruit before eating the gummi fruits I'd packed as a treat. Nana and Papa picked her up and they went to the library and got a snoball. Life is good for my baby, on her first day of camp.

I'm so proud of her.

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Emmy said...

She's a dynamo! I was so impressed with Syd's maturity on our trip to Sushi...she was taking it all in, observing, and enjoying it so very much. I'm imagining her bringing the same curiousity to camp.

I'm excited she and Ana will be in camp together next week.