Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Train in the Distance

I was awakened early this morning--around 3 a.m.--by an unnerving cacophony. A distant roar, lights flashing everywhere, the heart-sinking pop of a nearby transformer. Then darkness. I went to the window, anxious, wondering whether or not to grab the baby and duck into the master bathroom, but as the moments passed the noise grew fainter and it seemed as though the worst had passed.

This morning we cranked up the hand-powered radio (courtesy of WWOZ) and discovered the extent of the damage done by this storm. What a mess. We remain powerless (so many interpretations there) and Syd's school is closed until further notice. Some of the people whose houses were damaged or destroyed this morning had just finished repairs from Katrina. In the words of one councilperson, "We just can't get a break."

This morning, as I made french toast in the dark (thank goodness for gas stoves), I was struck by how dependent we are on this electricity business. We are, quite literally, powerless. Helpless. Makes you think.

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Jill said...

Hey there - I've tried calling for the past few days, but your cell voice mail isn't picking up. Hope you have gotten your power back.

I miss you! (and I love your blog) xoxo -jill